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About Prof. Christophe Mathoulin

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MAPS from Hand Institute Paris France

Découvrir MAPS from Hand Institute Paris France

Prof. Christophe Mathoulin MD, PhD, FMH surgeon of the hand and wrist, welcome to wristpain.eu

Former resident of French Hospitals, gold medal of French Hospitals, Christophe Mathoulin has served as senior consultant in the orthopedic department of Professor Thierry Judet at Tenon Hospital from 1987 to 2002. By 1988, he joined the "Institut de la Main" created by Professor Raoul Tubiana, currently headed by Professor Alain Gilbert.

Orthopedic surgeon specializing in hand surgery and microsurgery, Prof. Mathoulin is an internationally recognized specialist in surgery of the wrist. He developed techniques for minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopy of the wrist and vascularized microsurgical transfers. He is the founder of the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society, the first and only international company dedicated to teaching and research in arthroscopy of the wrist.

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Since 1990, Professor Mathoulin is a lecturer for university degrees in hand surgery and microsurgery in France and abroad (Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, China, Lebanon ...)

He is also the director of education of wrist arthroscopy (EWAS / IRCAD / EITS) at the prestigious IRCAD institutions (Professor Jacques Marescaux) in Strasbourg in France, Lukang in Taiwan and Baretos in Brazil.

He is Chairman of Teaching Committee of EWAS, responsible of organization of worldwilde wrist courses (Strasburg, Shanghai, Singapour, Capetown, Bangalore, Lukang, Barretos...)